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Your Travel Impact: The Story of Argripino & Gregoria

Your Travel Impact: The Story of Argripino & Gregoria

At Good Life Expeditions we’re deeply passionate about creating transformative travel experiences AND making sure that your trip gives back to the community. When you travel with us, you support medicine, education, and development for low-income families through our partner non-profit MEDLIFE. Today, we’d like to share a story with you about the lives you have directly impacted by traveling with us.

Argripino and Gregoria

Argripino and Gregoria have been together for decades. They both grew up in the small, rural community of Secsencalla, in the heart of the Peruvian Andes. Although they may not have been able to finish primary school, they are both fluent in Quechua (an Indigenous language of the Andes) and are deeply connected to the lands of their ancestors. They have spent many happy years together raising a family, building a home, and working the land.

Agripino & Gregoria

Over time, the kids grew up and moved to the city to chase their dreams. As Agripino and Gregoria entered their twilight years, they found that it was just the two of them once again. Without the family there to take care of them, their house deteriorated and became unsafe. To keep a roof over their heads, Agripino and Gregoria began living in their farm’s barn. 

When MEDLIFE visited Agripino and Gregoria, they discovered that the barn had become uninhabitable. The walls and ceilings were full of holes, leaving Agripino and Gregoria with little protection from the freezing Andean nights. 

your travel impact

If you traveled with Good Life Expeditions in September, the profit from your trip is going directly to renovating Agripino and Gregoria’s home. Because of your support, they will have a safe and comfortable place to live as they continue to grow old together.

Contact us today to support medicine, education, and development in low-income communities through travel. 


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