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MEDLIFE and Good Life Expeditions

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Good Life Expeditions is a responsible travel agency and operator owned 100% by an NGO, giving us a different motivation when we plan trips. We seek to create authentic, life-changing, and socially responsible experiences for travelers regardless of budget, background, or travel style – but beyond that, our hope is that we turn the awe our travelers feel into action to support the communities that need it most.

The Roots of Good Life Expeditions

The NGO that spurred the creation of Good Life Expeditions, MEDLIFE, was started by Dr. Nick Ellis in 2004, after volunteering in Ecuador for a medical mission organization opened his eyes to the many unmet needs of the community. Today the NGO has created a movement of students and professionals that tell the stories of underserved communities, complete hundreds of service learning trips, and support health, education and development projects across Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Tanzania.

So how is this connected to Good Life Expeditions? The volunteers with MEDLIFE kept asking to extend their trips to explore the beautiful countries they were visiting. Rather than outsourcing to other companies that potentially didn’t align with our values, we spotted an opportunity: to establish an in-house responsible travel agency and tour operator that would create authentic, meaningful travel experiences, AND generate much-needed, sustainable funding for MEDLIFE.

Meaningful & Responsible Travel in Latin America and Africa

We are now not only deeply rooted in our destinations with MEDLIFE, but also with Good Life Expeditions. We create immersive experiences that offer a genuine insight into local customs and ordinary life. We introduce visitors to local people – whether a Maasai guide in the Serengeti of Tanzania, a local Peruvian chef for a true gastronomic experience in Lima or a scientist researching macaw breeding habits in the Amazon rainforest. 

We offer the chance to travel with the confidence that you’re making a direct and positive contribution to the places and people you encounter and we carefully select our partners and experiences ensuring they are sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Contact us if you’re interested in planning the trip of a lifetime with a responsible travel agency.


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