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Offering authentic travel adventures to Latin America and Africa, while giving back to the communities you visit. Open your eyes to an unforgettable travel experience with Good Life Expeditions.

Offering authentic travel adventures to Latin America and Africa, while giving back to the communities you visit. Open your eyes to an unforgettable travel experience with Good Life Expeditions.

Good Life Expeditions

Did you know that global international tourism revenue equals approximately $1.34 trillion, but on average only $5 of every $100 spent stays in developing countries?

We want to change that. So when you travel with Good Life Expeditions, over $75 of every $100 spent stays in developing countries. And beyond staying in typical tourist destinations, it makes its way to remote communities and areas that need support.

That is what Good Life Expeditions is about. Travel that transforms, and gives back.

Where will your next adventure take you?

Visit Peru

The land of the Incas, and home to Machu Picchu, we’ll take you there, and much further. Venture deep into the Amazon rainforest, trek through the Andes with local shepherds, and stand at the edge of mystical Lake Titicaca as the sun rises. Experience the history, culture and mouth-watering gastronomy of Peru with Good Life Expeditions.

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Visit Ecuador & Galapagos

Visit Ecuador & Galapagos

From the historic architecture of Quito, imposing volcanoes that surround the city, picturesque market towns and of course the unforgettable encounters with wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador is a country of contrasts. Good Life Expeditions carefully hand-picks the most authentic and memorable experiences for a trip you’ll never forget.

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Visit Argentina

A country full of passionate tango dancing, pristine glaciers, fertile wine country, delicious grilled meat, and an intense pride for the national futbol, or soccer, team. Good Life Expeditions offers a chance to visit the incredible landscapes and get to know the people of Argentina on an expedition through the country. Check out our carefully selected tours.

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Visit Tanzania

Visit Tanzania

An experience that will change you – let Good Life Expeditions introduce you to the beating heart of Africa. Get wild on safari in the Serengeti and feel the rush of achievement after reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. This and more awaits on an authentic African adventure to Tanzania with Good Life Expeditions.

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Why travel with Good Life Expeditions?

We offer a transformative travel experience – authentic encounters with nature, culture, people and food. From luxury sleeper trains across the Andes, to hardcore treks to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, and everything in between.

But we’re not your average travel agency. Profits are used to finance MEDLIFE, our partner NGO that works to build a worldwide movement empowering the poor in their fight for equal access to healthcare, education and a safe home.

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Why Choose Good Life Expeditions

Good Life Expeditions is a team of travel experts, passionate about creating transformative experiences for visitors from around the world. But we also have a unique motivation when we plan trips. We were born in partnership with MEDLIFE, a non-profit organization that provides healthcare, education and community development to people living in extreme poverty. So everything we do is about planning incredible journeys that give back.

We Give Back to the Community

Good Life Expeditions plans trips to the destinations where MEDLIFE works so that we can create authentic, life changing and socially responsible experiences for you, that also give back to the places you visit.

We Proudly Support MEDLIFE

We support our partner non-profit, MEDLIFE, by donating profits, bringing attention to their work, and giving travelers a greater sense of connection to the world around them.

We Are Based in
Lima, Peru

Good Life Expeditions head quarters is in Lima, and we have team members scattered across the destinations where we work. Being locally based gives us an expert edge, as we know these destinations like our own home (because they are)!

We Have 30 Plus Years Experience

The team at Good Life Expeditions has a combined 30+ years of travel experience, so we know how to plan a customized trip for you that runs smoothly from start to finish.

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