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Dr. Nick Ellis

Founder, MEDLIFE and Good Life Expeditions

As a high school student, Nick set off for Latin America for the first time from his hometown of Bangor, Maine on a school trip. He was hooked and later did college semesters abroad in Ecuador and Panama, while studying International Development and Math at McGill University. The focus was on tangible, on-the-ground education, truly transformative experiences that changed the course of his life – influencing his decisions to study medicine, and start MEDLIFE. Read more about how Nick started MEDLIFE here.

As an emergency medicine doctor, Nick serves as the primary healthcare provider for underserved populations in the United States, mirroring what MEDLIFE provides for thousands of people across Latin America and Africa through its clinics. He later started Good Life Expeditions as a for-profit travel agency with profits funding MEDLIFE, so the two are inextricably linked.

At the core of Good Life Expeditions is the belief in travel as a life-changing, transformative experience, which stems directly from Nick’s early experiences. This is what he wants to offer all travelers – whether you’re a student embarking on a service learning trip, or a company executive taking a quick luxury vacation. It’s the chance to experience beautiful places, have an authentic connection with the culture and people, and reflect on your own life and purpose.

Nick divides his time between the US and Lima, Peru. With his wife he loves exploring national parks, and the chance to connect with nature. In his downtime, his three dogs Charlie, Maya and Luna keep him busy.

Matt Greenberg

Director of Sales

[email protected]

A Chicago native but Latin America veteran, Matt has lived and worked here for over a decade, personally planning thousands of memorable trips for all types of travelers. He’s worked for some of the most successful travel companies in Peru, managing and developing dynamic and high performing travel teams.

This is all fueled by an insatiable love of travel and exploring the continent. The more ground he covers, the more he wants to share it with others. Sometimes the sheer beauty and power of nature has humbled him and brought a moment of peace and Matt firmly believes in the transformative power of experiencing new places, people and seeing the world through fresh eyes. Matt is thrilled to be at the helm of Good Life Expeditions, with its mission to create authentic, life-changing and socially-responsible travel experiences, with profits going straight to MEDLIFE. He wants travelers to go home with more than just a slideshow of beautiful photos – but with a new-found perspective on the world and the inspiration to affect positive change in their own communities.

When he’s not planning travel adventures or off exploring himself, you’ll find Matt playing or watching basketball, practicing yoga, enjoying Lima culture or visiting his parents and siblings scattered across the US and Canada.

Claudia Cavero

Senior Travel Advisor

[email protected]

Claudia is a born and bred Limeña, who spent a lot of her childhood in the US, visiting family every other summer. When she was 18, she participated in a Disney College program, meeting people from all over the world. This exposure to different cultures fueled her love of travel and sharing her own country, from an early age. She then attended the University of Houston and gained a double-degree in Hospitality Management (USIL) and Hotel & Restaurant Management (University of Houston).

As an adult, the travel bug has continued, and some of her most memorable trips have been to Colombia and discovering more about her home country Peru. In the most remote and often poverty-stricken corners of the country she notices the little things, like the warmth and friendliness of the people, their respect and reverence for their environment and Pachamama (mother earth), and how eager they are to welcome and share their land with visitors.

Claudia is a senior travel advisor at Good Life Expeditions, and genuinely enjoys planning memorable travel experiences for visitors. She finds it really rewarding that her work is for the ultimate aim of supporting MEDLIFE, and that travelers contribute as well.

In her spare time Claudia is a big soccer fan, supporting FC Barcelona and the Peru national team, and fitness buff. She spends a lot of time weight training in the gym and meal prepping.

Heidy Aspilcueta

Cusco Operations Manager

[email protected]

Heidy is originally from Cusco but has also lived in Costa Rica and Lima, where she completed an MBA. She loves that her work involves applying her business knowledge and ideas but for the benefit of an NGO that she’s proud to work for. One of her favorite parts of the job is constantly seeing faces full of gratitude. Gratitude on the faces of poor communities that MEDLIFE works with, and gratitude on the faces of volunteers for the life-changing experiences they’ve had.

Heidy believes this feel-good effect also applies to people who travel with Good Life Expeditions – the chance to travel to Latin America or Africa is a life-enriching experience. Travelers return home with a changed perspective of the history and culture of where they’ve visited, but also the communities and their needs, knowing that they’ve made a positive impact on the people they meet along their journey.

She’s traveled around the continent and on her honeymoon in Chile and Argentina developing a love for nature and understanding of the important need to protect it for future generations. Much of her spare time is spent playing with her son, taking him to the park and running behind him to keep him entertained.

Julia del Prado

Operations Associate

[email protected]

Julia is truly a world traveler. Born in Spain, she has lived in four different countries on two different continents: Spain, Belgium, Brazil, and Peru! She received a degree in Tourism while studying in Madrid and she’s been involved in the travel industry ever since.

Everything about travel appeals to her – from the people to the culture to the gastronomical experiences – she loves it all and is passionate about sharing her experiences with others. Julia believes every journey is a new experience that opens your mind and broadens your view of the world. For her, the highlight of working at Good Life Expeditions is combining her love for travel with working for a good cause through our partner non-profit MEDLIFE.

Julia is also a polyglot. She speaks five different languages: Spanish, English, French, Portugese, and Dutch. When she’s not learning a new language, she enjoys photography, dancing, and planning her next trip.

Caroline Appert

Marketing & Sales Executive

[email protected]

During college, Caroline spent a semester studying at a university in Santiago, Chile which hooked her on the beauty of South America and the cultures that call the continent home. Upon graduation, she started her career in New York City working at an advertising agency. Though she loved the work, she was always itching to return south of the equator. Finally she put thoughts into action, and left the states to volunteer and travel across the continent, eventually deciding that Lima would be the perfect place to call home.

At Good Life Expeditions, she combines her passions for story telling, travel, and Latin America as the Marketing & Content Executive. But above all she loves that she has been given a chance to help others see the world beyond typical tourist attractions and do her small part in aiding the MEDLIFE cause.

During her free time, Caroline hops on a bus to any of the nearby mountains, rivers, or beaches because Peru is like a giant natural playground & to her there is nothing better than an outdoor adventure!

Lindsay Mahaney

Marketing Associate

[email protected]

Raised to value experiencing other cultures and countries, Lindsay had always known she wanted to live abroad. After graduating from college, she pursued her dream and moved to Ecuador to teach English. While she originally planned to be there for a short time, she quickly fell in love with South America and decided to stay. However, wanting to pursue her passion for marketing, she accepted a job with Good Life Expeditions and moved to Lima, Peru.

As a Marketing Associate, she gets to share her love of travel with others. Lindsay believes by sharing stories of the many beautiful places in Africa and South America, and the people that live there, she is helping others gain a new perspective of the world. However, the most rewarding part of her job is knowing she is facilitating transformative travel that directly supports the communities where MEDLIFE works.

In her free time, Lindsay can be found visiting Lima’s many art museums and galleries or discovering new spots to drink coffee and read a book.

Tim Anson

Client Relations

[email protected]

With an MBA that focused on Energy and Sustainability, Tim met Dr Ellis a year after moving to Lima, who enlightened him on the plight of poor communities in the southern cone. Witnessing it first-hand, Tim was immediately committed to putting his talents and experience towards the MEDLIFE cause.

Tim is in charge of all the work with participants and chapters at MEDLIFE. Interacting with people is what he loves about his job – not just in the office and with participants, but really getting to know people in the communities where we work. It’s such a great cultural experience, and something that he thinks is valuable for travelers to do as well, enriching their experience in the country they’re visiting.

Too often vacations are like visiting a museum, with exhibits that are viewed and photographed. With Good Life Expeditions, travelers can really see behind the tour – experiencing the country, nature, authentic communities and people of the place they’re visiting. Tim did just that on safari in Tanzania, one of his most memorable travel experiences. It taught him the value of that balance between a tour and the deeper life-changing experiences that are possible – in this case connecting with nature.

Tim grew up in Vermont, and enjoyed playing hockey, skiing and snowboarding, in sharp contrast to his life now in Lima. Here he enjoys surfing, longboarding to work and learning to play the violin, among other ambitious self-teaching goals. He loves a challenge!

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