The World's Second Deepest Canyon

Colca Canyon

Famed as one of the world’s deepest canyons and proclaimed by a National Geographic survey as the source of the Amazon river, Colca Canyon slices through the topography like a deep, long incision. Stretching for over 60 miles (100 km), with a maximum depth of 11,000 ft. (3,400 m), it is clearly visible from space.

Culture and Adventure in the Colca Canyon

One of the most popular outdoor destinations in Peru, Colca Canyon is a mecca for nature and culture enthusiasts. The breath-taking canyon is home to the majestic Andean condor, with a wingspan of over 10 ft. (3 m) and the focus of worldwide conservation efforts. A Colca Canyon tour arranged by Good Life Expeditions takes you to the Cruz del Condor, a viewing spot with a high chance of spotting the incredible creatures, a dizzying 3,900 ft. (1,200 m) above the canyon floor.

The Colca Valley is a fertile, vibrant land, home to rich Andean cultures in picturesque towns founded during the colonial era. They are still inhabited by the Aymara-speaking Collagua and Quechua-speaking Cabana people, migrants from the Lake Titicaca area. There are agricultural terraces that pre-date the Incas.

Here Andean women still dress in traditional clothes and are skilled in handmade textiles and crafts. The unique baroque churches in the area are also worth a visit. In addition to trekking, a Colca Canyon tour can include mountain biking, horseback riding, and rafting on the river.

For a more relaxing stay, enjoy one of our handpicked Colca Canyon hotels, surrounded by the beautiful natural scenery. A Colca Canyon tour starts in the nearby city of Arequipa. A picturesque drive takes you past impressive volcanoes, wide-open plains, and remote villages before arriving at the Canyon.

Southern Peru with Good Life Expeditions

Good Life Expeditions recommends three or four days to explore the highlights of Colca Canyon fully. Contact us to start planning your trip to Peru, including a Colca Canyon tour.


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