The Birthplace of the Incas

Lake Titicaca

The highest navigable lake in the world, Lake Titicaca straddles Peru and Bolivia at 12,507ft (3,812m) above sea level. Standing on the shoreline, the never-ending expanse of blue with lake blending into sky, will take your breath way (or perhaps that’s just the altitude!). Along with the natural beauty is a carefully preserved cultural heritage that’s considered the richest in Peru, home to the annual Candelaria festival and other fascinating traditions.

Lake Titicaca is a serene and sacred place, said to the birthplace of the Incas. Before them, the area was home to several ancient civilizations, and is still inhabited by the Aymara and Quechua people, many of whom live traditional subsistence livelihoods that have changed little over the centuries.

Visiting Lake Titicaca

Good Life Expeditions offers authentic Lake Titicaca tours and interactions with the peoples that live here. The shores and islands of the lake are dotted with ancient ruins and vibrant living communities waiting to be explored.

To truly experience the lake, you of course have to hit the water. Visit the Urus islands, made entirely of reeds and still inhabited by the Urus people who built these mobile homes to evade the advances of more aggressive land-dwellers.

Further out into the lake are several remote islands, each with distinct communities that can be visited as part of Lake Titicaca tours with Good Life Expeditions. Taquile Island is known for its male weaving traditions, and is UNESCO protected for its ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

For a true relaxing experience connecting with the natural surrounds of the lake, visit Suasi Island, staying at a remote and pristine eco-lodge. Lake Titicaca tours arranged by Good Life Expeditions can also include simple homestays with local communities and relaxing retreats at a top luxury lodge right at the water’s edge – a range of accommodation options to suit all budgets and travel styles.

Getting There

Lake Titicaca tours can easily be included on a trip to Peru by flying from Lima, or taking a bus or scenic train journey from Cusco. If you’d like to visit Lake Titicaca as part of a trip to Peru, contact our expert travel team today to start planning.

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