South America's Most Beautiful City


The sacred capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is a magical and picturesque city, often cited as the most beautiful city in all of South America. Much of the historic city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site, with beautifully preserved architecture, cobbled streets and traditional markets brimming with vibrant regional textiles – perfect for souvenir shopping.

Trips to Cusco, the Heart of the Andes

Located at 11,200ft (3,400m) above sea level, in the heart of the Andes mountains, Cusco is the gateway to Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. But it’s worth spending a few days exploring Cusco highlights – there’s a lot on offer for visitors to experience – let Good Life Expeditions show you the way.

The past and present blur into one in Cusco. Inca foundations are visible throughout the city, a living testament to the excellent stonemasons and city planners who built the city. There are many historic Cusco highlights to visit, drawing you further into the past.

Highlights of the City

Good Life Expeditions offers an immersive walking city tour, taking in all the Cusco highlights. One of our favorite stops is Sacsayhuaman, an archaeological site just on the outskirts of the city. Another is Coricancha, a sacred Inca temple in the middle of the city. The Museum of Machu Picchu houses a collection of artifacts from the famous citadel, which were returned to Peru by Yale University in 1992. The city is also known for its impressive colonial architecture, with the Cathedral boasting a vast collection of colonial-era religious art.

Cusco is also an excellent place to sample Peru’s incredible cuisine, showcasing many Andean ingredients like quinoa, potatoes and corn. Explore the produce markets, sample the tantalizing street food, and dine in some of the best restaurants. By night, there’s a great bar scene with places to sample Pisco, the country’s national drink.

Surrounded by the beautiful Andes mountains, there are many exciting day trips to the Sacred Valley and multi-day treks to explore the countryside. At Good Life Expeditions we are ready to create the perfect trip for you, taking in all the Cusco highlights and beyond. Contact us today to get your Peru adventure started.

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I would recommend Good Life Expeditions. Everything was taken care of for me and it was nice to not have to worry about much. USA – Machu Picchu, Peru – 1/17/2015

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EVERYTHING it was all incredible. Puma was our tour guide, he is great. The TRAIN was breathtaking. I would recommend GLE it was overall a wonderful experience. USA – Machu Picchu, Peru – 4/7/2015

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The hiking and views were incredible. I really liked trying different foods as well. The transportation was great. The tour guide was friendly and personable. I would recommend GLE. The guides are really friendly and catered to our personal interests. USA – Baños and Pailon del Diablo Waterfal, Ecuador – 4/7/2015

- Priyanka Pitroda

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