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Brazil is a country with lungs and a pulse. Its expansive land is home to the living and breathing Amazon Rainforest with more species than any other place in the world, as well as pristine white sandy beaches, cities full of rhythm and flavor, and incredible gushing waterfalls. A journey here is like nowhere else in the world. So let Good Life Expeditions welcome you to Brazil on a thrilling expedition through the country. Contact us today!

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Exploring Brazil is a treat for any traveler, no matter your interests. The country is larger than the continental United States, with over half of Brazil’s population living in cities and the rest of Brazilians scattered across immense amounts of land. This means that cities are buzzing with life and culture for travelers who like a faster pace, while it is easy to escape to untouched beaches and pristine rainforest for travelers who like to relax and unwind in the surrounds of Mother Nature.

Start your journey in one of the metropolitan hubs of Brazil. Rio De Jainero is a must see on a trip for the colorful culture that flows in the streets. Spend time exploring, bar hopping, and for incredible views of Rio’s expansive cityscape take a cable car up to the summit of the famous Sugar Loaf mountain and visit the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Adventure into the Amazon Jungle or head to the majestic Iguazu Falls during your trip to Brazil. Two distinct adventures, both offer unique and incredible flora and fauna. In the rainforest spot monkey and pink dolphins deep in the lush green forest, while at the falls you can take in panoramic views of a Natural Wonder of the World while admiring the sparkling rainbows and colorful butterflies that often appear in the background of photos.

Flanked with gorgeous coast, make sure to visit some of the sandy white beaches. Paradise doesn’t begin to describe the shores of the beaches in Buzios, Paraty, and Ilha Grande. Explore remote bays on a boat, hike to hidden oases among wild trees and animals, or surf perfect waves before relaxing in the sun with friends and family. We can arrange it all.

Responsible Brazil Trips

Brazil is a country with incredible natural diversity and economic disparity. This means that trips here need to be extremely conscious of their eco-footprint and their social responsibility. When you travel with Good Life Expeditions, we take care of this for you. Responsible travel is at our core, and all trips donate profit directly to low-income communities from the areas you visit and we make sure that the hotels and partners we use have sustainability and giving back as their priority. The goal of our Brazil trips is an unforgettable expedition for you, that also prioritizes the conservation of the natural habitats and cultures you visit.

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