Lima Insider Experience

Lima Insider Experience

There’s nothing like arriving to a new destination and getting in touch with a friend that lives there to show you around. No matter how many guide books you’ve read, or how many official tours you take, nothing can compare to the authentic and relaxed experience of exploring a new place with a local friend – who introduces you to their favorite places:

“The guide book says X is the best place for ceviche, but trust me, I’m taking you to Y – it’s much better, half the price and not a tourist in sight.”

Visit Lima Like a Local

We work with outgoing and interesting locals with a love of travel and meeting new people. They aren’t tour guides, and most do not have a background in the travel industry. But that doesn’t mean they’re unqualified for the task. They’re Limeños through and through – fiercely proud of their home, and enjoy showing it off to visitors.

Our Lima insider experience is about offering an alternative and authentic experience exploring the city with someone you’ll genuinely have fun with. Our expert travel team will talk to you about what you’d like to do and see in Lima, and what your general interests are. If you’re a surfer, we’ll match you with one of our surfer friends so you can hit the waves together, followed by a friendly lunch. If you love shopping we’ll match you with someone who can steer you away from the touristy souvenir shops and instead take you to hidden boutiques filled with authentic treasures made by some of the best craftsmen from around the country.

Authentic Tours with Good Life Expeditions

Rather than a set route or tour, our Lima insider experience is completely flexible depending on you as a person, what you’re interested in, and what you’d like to see and do in Lima. Contact us today, and we’ll be happy to make suggestions for you, to create an authentic and different experience getting to know Lima

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