Judaism in Lima: History and Culture

Judaism in Lima: History and Culture

There’s so much to see and do in Lima, the vibrant historic capital city of Peru. Many tours just skim the surface, taking you to the usual tourist attractions. For travelers who want to really get to know the city, get under its skin, and learn about particular aspects of its history and culture, Good Life Expeditions offers unique and specialist experiences, tailored to your interest.

Judaism in Lima Tour

One such experience is our Judaism in Lima tour, which explores the little-known but fascinating history of Jewish settlers in Lima, along with contemporary Jewish culture in the city today. This is an authentic and immersive experience which introduces you to both the history and contemporary culture of Jews in Lima.

Many Jews migrated to Lima over the centuries, starting from Europe at the time of the Spanish conquest. Many more followed in the nineteenth century, including Sephardic Jews from Morocco, attracted by the rubber boom in the Amazon Basin. Today there are just under 3,000 Jews in Peru, with communities in Iquitos and Lima, with the biggest population in the capital.

Like all our tours, the emphasis for this Jewish heritage tour is on providing an authentic and immersive experience. A member of the Jewish community will guide you, taking you to many hidden sites of historical significance in the story of Judaism in Lima.

Museum of the Inquisition

Visit the Museum of the Inquisition, a historic building used as a hiding place for Jews during the Spanish Inquisition. Representing some of the darkest days in Lima’s history, it details the brutal persecution of Jews like in other parts of the world.

Your guide will also introduce you to the thriving and dynamic contemporary Jewish culture in Lima, offering a taste of life as a practicing Limeño Jew. There are three synagogues that you can visit, as well as a school and small Kosher deli offering kosher light bites and meals.

Explore Lima with Good Life Expeditions

If you’re interested in this Lima Jewish heritage tour or would like to explore another specific aspect of Lima’s history or culture, the expert travel team at Good Life Expeditions are ready to help. Contact us today.

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