Community Based Tourism

Community Based Tourism

Good Life Expeditions can offer travelers something different – off the beaten path experiences that connect you to the people and places you visit. Because we are locally based, and have strong connections to local communities through our partner NGO, MEDLIFE, we can arrange authentic, socially responsible experiences that take you beyond typical tourist destinations.

Community Based Tourism Initiatives

For responsible travelers, we recommend you take at least one day of your trip to immerse yourself in the local communities you visit. Try your hand at weaving with the guidance of a textile expert in the mountains of the Sacred Valley. Visit a traditional African village in Tanzania to learn about their main source of income – coffee. Trek with local guides and their llamas in Peru that will teach you about their sustainable development projects.

Looking for something specific? We can work with our friends in the local communities to create a tailormade experience for you. Perhaps you would like to simply explore a local town in Tanzania with a community guide, or visit the secret local spots of the Sacred Valley in Peru. We will do our best to create a once in a lifetime experience that gives back to the communities you visit, staying true to our philosophy.  

Responsible Travel with Good Life Expeditions

We pride ourselves on making sure every experience on your trip – from a ride to the airport to a 7-day Galapagos cruise – is socially responsible and eco-friendly. All of our partners are vetted to make sure they meet our high standards of responsible travel. We promote our partner NGO MEDLIFE, but we also promote general best practices for responsible travel. For example, limiting plastic use, paying guides and employees above fair wages, and respecting the local communities where we work. This is especially reflected in our hand in hand work with community based tourism initiatives.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about booking a community based tourism experience with Good Life Expeditions. 

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