Gems of the North

Trujillo & Chiclayo

These two cities in northern Peru are gateways to the many northern Peru archaeology sites. It’s a fascinating part of Peru and a tour of the region is a must for visitors interested in archaeology and ancient history. Discoveries are still being made in the region, with many live digs at the various archaeological sites. Good Life Expeditions offers a unique northern Peru archaeology tour, taking in all the highlights of the region.

Visit Northern Peru

Trujillo is a colonial beach town, known for its fishing community that still use traditional reed boats to navigate the waters in search of their catch. It’s a great place to sample authentic Peruvian seafood, straight out the ocean.

Chiclayo is the capital city of the Lambayeque region of Peru, and a gateway to many of the archaeological sites in the area. It’s also known for the occult, and the fascinating Chiclayo witches’ market is worth a visit.

Some highlights of the region not to be missed on a Northern Peru tour include:

Caral: The most ancient city of the Americas and home to the Norte Chico civilization (3,000 BC). Today it’s a well-studied archaeological site and was declared a UNESCO Heritage Site in 2009. With several temples and structures scattered across the desert plain, it’s a fascinating site to explore.

Huaca de la Luna: Left behind by the Moche civilization (100-700 AD), this abode brick structure is thought to have served religious functions, including as a burial ground for the Moche elite. The World Monuments Fund continues to fund research and excavation work.

Lord Sipan Tomb: Considered to be one of the most spectacular tombs ever unearthed in all of the western hemisphere, the contents have taught us much about the Moche civilization and their achievements before the Incas came along. The treasures from the tomb are on display at the nearby museum, which is also worth a visit.

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