Shrouded in the mystical cloud forest in northern Peru. Chachapoyas is a place of legend and intrigue. A Chachapoyas tour with Good Life Expeditions will introduce you to stunning natural scenery, dizzyingly high waterfalls, impressive archaeological sites without the crowds of Machu Picchu, and an authentic taste of Peru in this off-the-beaten-track ‘Indiana Jones’ territory.

Exploring Chachapoyas, Peru

The area is named after the Chachapoyas people, which means “the cloud people.” The civilization inhabited the area before the Incas in the 10th century AD. Little is known about their way of life. Still, we know they had the utmost respect for the dead and their ancestors, burying them in elaborate tombs on cliffsides, several of which you’ll see along your journey through Chachapoyas.

For nature lovers, a Chachapoyas tour can include a scenic hike through the rainforest to Gocta waterfall, one of the world’s highest. Claims range from the 5th to the 16th highest. Regardless it’s an impressive sight after hiking through sugar cane fields and forests full of monkeys and birds.

The highlight of a Chachapoyas tour is undoubtedly the mesmerizing Kuelap fortress. Sitting high and proud on a hillside, overlooking the cloud forest below. Known as the ‘Machu Picchu of the north,’ Kuelap really deserves credit for its own merits. For a bird’s eye view, check out this BBC Travel drone video of Kuelap.

It’s the largest ancient stone structure in all of the Americas, built by the Chachapoyas long before the Incas came along. Enjoy a scenic cable-car ride over the cloud forest to get to the entrance to the archaeological sites. From there, your expert guide will take you on a tour of the site, revealing its many secrets and intrigue.

Getting to Chachapoyas

Now with direct flights from Lima to Chachapoyas (dry season only) and Jaen year-round, it’s easier than ever to visit this beautiful Indiana Jones territory. To experience a wonderful Chachapoyas tour as part of a trip to Peru, contact the expert travel team at Good Life Expeditions. Contact us today.

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