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Easter Island Getaway

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Easter Island Getaway

  • Days: 4

Few places on the planet possess as much mystery and prestige as Easter Island.

Known by the native Polynesian inhabitants Rapa Nui, this tiny speck of land in the Pacific Ocean is another of Chile’s gems. It’s located 3,700 km (2,299 miles) off the mainland coast and features the iconic moai statues. As one of the world’s modern mysteries that defy all logic, the island’s mysterious history offers visitors plenty to explore.

However, it’s more than an island-wide cultural museum. Diving, snorkeling, and surfing are all incredible here. And on land, there’s no better eco-friendly way to experience the island’s wild beauty than on foot.  Superb expanses of white sand also beckon the weary traveler in need of a day of relaxation. No matter your preference, an Easter Island Getaway has something special for you. 

An Easter Island Getaway couples perfectly with any number of Chilean adventures – from a Patagonia Expedition to a Discovering San Pedro de Atacama tour. Our expert travel team can help you plan a full itinerary.

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Responsible Travel with Good Life Expeditions

Although Easter Island is a world-famous destination that attracts many visitors, Good Life Expeditions ensures your journey is authentic and eco-friendly. Responsible travel is at our core, and all trips donate profit directly to low-income communities from the areas you visit. We make sure that the hotels and partners we use have sustainability and giving back as their priority.

Take confidence when you travel with us that you’re making a direct and positive contribution to the places and people you encounter. Our goal is to create authentic, life-changing, and socially responsible experiences for travelers, regardless of budget or travel style. But, more than that, we hope to inspire our travelers into action to support communities that need it most.


Easter Island Getaway

This 4 day / 3 night adventure tours you around the mystical island, home to the famous moai statues. A deep cultural history and beautiful views await you on the epic adventure.

To book an Easter Island Getaway, contact us today! 


  • 3 hotel nights
  • Breakfast at all hotels
  • Tours stated in the itinerary
  • English speaking tour guides
  • Transfers and entrance fees

Not Included

  • International airfare
  • Domestic airfare
  • Lunches and dinners (unless specified otherwise)
  • Tips


Itinerary In Brief

Day 1:

Arrival to Mataveri Airport and transfer to hotel. Overnight in Easter Island hotel.

Day 2:

Spend a day exploring some of the island’s most iconic archeological sites. Overnight in Easter Island hotel.

Day 3:

Discover the island’s natural wonder at the Rano Kau volcano before heading to a ceremonial village to learn about ancient culture and rituals performed on the island. Overnight in Easter Island hotel.

Day 4:

Transfer back to the mainland for your international connection or to continue your trip in Chile.

To book an Easter Island Getaway, contact us today! 

Itinerary In Detail

During your journey on Easter Island, you’ll visit dozens of archeological ruins and historical sites.

Following in the footsteps of the island’s first king, Ariki Hou Matuá, discover some of the famous spots along the Northern Shore. From ceremonial altars to ancestral houses, caverns and agricultural structures, you will get a complete picture of what life would have been like for the Rapa Nui people many years ago. You’ll visit Rano Raraku, one of the most important archeological sites in the world where the legendary moai statues were carved. Measuring approximately 66 feet tall and weighing 220 tons, these statues are massive and offer great insight into the island culture.

Spend some time in the Ceremonial Village of Orongo, where the “Bird Man” ritual was performed. This rite determined who would be the community’s spiritual and political leader each year. You can find this sacred figure with the body of a shrunken man and a large bird beak sculpted into many of the stones.

After a trip filled with history, culture, and natural beauty return to the mainland for your international connection or onward travel in Chile!

To book an Easter Island Getaway, contact us today! 

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