The Marvelous City

Rio de Janeiro

Upon arrival to Rio de Janeiro, it is easy to see why it is nicknamed “Cidade Maravilhosa” or the Marvelous City. This city is a must-see on a trip to Brazil. A hub of beautiful beaches, buzzing nightlife, stunning scenery, and captivating culture.

Good Life Expeditions can help you navigate the busy streets. Visit local favorites during your time in Rio de Janeiro. Start by contacting us today! Check out some of our Brazil trips that include Rio de Janeiro.

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With over half of Brazil’s population of 200 million living in cities, its metropolitan hubs offer something for everyone. Colorful culture flows in the streets, offering the best people-watching and exploring in the world. Of all the cities in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place to start a Brazilian adventure.

As the country’s previous capital, it has one of the major international airports. It offers a diverse range of activities. Spend time exploring, bar hopping, and enjoying this one of a kind city.

For incredible views of Rio’s expansive cityscape, take a cable car up to the famous Sugar Loaf mountain’s summit. Visit the iconic Christ, the Redeemer statue. The beaches that make up this seaside city are iconic and offer the perfect nearby escape for surfing or relaxing.

The lush rainforest of the city has plenty of hiking trails and an array of flora and fauna. Sports fans can head to Maracanã Football (Soccer) Stadium to witness the immense 100,000 person capacity. Feel the energy of the heart-stopping games that have taken place here.

Enjoy the city’s rhythm by taking a dance class. Listen to the Samba anthems of the country that are the soundtrack to Carnaval. No matter your interests or travel style, the city is ready to welcome you, Brazilian style.

Responsible Trips to Rio de Janeiro

Though a beautiful country, the wealth disparity in Brazil is undeniable. Known around the world for its favelas, or slums, the cities are an impactful place to witness poverty firsthand. Good Life Expeditions can help you experience low-income Brazilian families’ realities in a respectful manner that will be a learning experience for both you and the communities you visit.

Rather than taking you on tour, we can connect you with individual families or communities through our partner non-profit, MEDLIFE. You can feel good knowing that profits from your trip directly support the communities you visit. Read more about our story to learn about our connection to poverty in Latin America.

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