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Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is a wild paradise. An island haven offers jungle hikes to untouched beaches, a deep dark history, and towns that feel stopped in time. Contact us for the expedition of a lifetime to Ilha Grande or check out our Brazilian Beach Adventure itinerary for inspiration.

Wild & Stunning Ilha GrandeBrazil Beaches Ilha Grande

An island off the coast of Brazil, Ilha Grande has a deep dark past that helped it become the paradise it is today. Originally it was a lair for dangerous pirates, then a leper colony, and most recently home to one of Brazil’s highest security prisons. The island was untouched by developers and resorts until the jail closed in 1994.

This lack of inhabitation, tourism, and outside hands, has preserved some of Brazil’s most pristine, untouched Atlantic rainforest and stunning coastline. Thankfully, almost 84% of this paradise is protected. You can find the last of many endangered jungle species, such as the brown howler monkey, the Amazon parrot, and the maned sloth on Ilha Grande.

Throughout the island, trails twist and turn through the rich, protected jungle, offering visitors a piece of the true Brazilian rainforest. The waters surrounding the island are also protected to preserve the biodiverse mix of coral, tropical fish, penguins, and cetaceans like humpback whales, orcas, and dolphins. Snorkeling and swimming here are like nowhere else in the world.

With no cars or motorized vehicles allowed on the island, prepare to explore on foot. Flawless beaches and towns that feel stopped in time welcome visitors with a charming local Brazilian energy only possible on an island that has been recently inhabited. A favorite Good Life Expeditions Ilha Grande experience is to take visitors to the enchanting Lopes Mendes beach.

Popular among surfers, this 2.4 km long beach is only accessible on foot. Take a 45-minute boat ride and a hike of 30 minutes to reach this tranquil paradise. Along with exquisite white sand and crystal clear waters, you will find transparent streams, a little chapel, and a mosaic-covered barrel decorating the beach.

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