Iguazu Falls

The largest waterfall system in the world, Iguazu Falls is easily one of the most visually striking natural wonders you will ever see. Good Life Expeditions can plan the perfect trip to Iguazu Falls for you. Contact us today! Check out our Ultimate Argentina, Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls, or Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls expeditions for inspiration.

The Majestic Iguazu Falls Rio de Janeiro to Iguazu Falls

Join us on the adventure of a lifetime to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Iguazu Falls. Split across the border of Argentina and Brazilthis 3km network of waterfalls is some of Mother Nature’s finest work. It has earned its place on the New Seven Wonders of the World list.

Good Life Expeditions can take you on an off the beaten path tour of the falls, getting all the best views through the national park on whichever side you are on. The falls are also located in a jungle environment, which means they are over-flowing with flora and fauna. It isn’t uncommon for a vibrantly colored butterfly and rainbow to appear in the back of your photos!

Visiting Iguazu Falls

Exploring Iguazu Falls can mean anything from a walk across the many elevated pathways to a boat ride to feel the falls’ powerful spray. Even an eco-friendly train ride can be arranged for a responsible, one of a kind travel experience. Good Life Expeditions can make the best recommendations for exploring either side of the falls based on your interests and the amount of time you have to travel. Contact us today!

We recommend you head to both the Argentina side and the Brazil side on a trip to Iguazu Falls for those with the time. This is because each part of the falls is unique. The national park of each country offers a different perspective on the natural wonder.

From Argentina, you can cover more in one day, visiting highlights like the Devil’s Throat and taking to the water on a boat ride. You can take it easy from Brazil and enjoy a half-day tour where you will be rewarded with incredible panoramic views of the falls. There is so much to explore. Start trip planning today!

Regardless of how you visit, take a trip to Iguazu Falls with Good Life Expeditions. Contact us today! Your transformative adventure awaits! 


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